Hygge (pronounced HOO-GA) is not about extravagance, but it's about taking pleasure in the simplicity of your immediate surroundings. Whether helping prepare your house for new owners to enjoy or giving you a home you feel happy and comfortable in I believe in the hygge approach, purposeful design to give a cozy feel throughout.

- Ruth Ann Olson

Rise & Shine

A properly

made bed can make

all the difference

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The Heart of the Home

Create interest and excitment

in the most used room in the house,

functional items can be art.

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Less is More

Keep it simple yet inviting.

Less clutter and a neutral color palette can be soothing to the eye.

Textures can really help bring warmth to a neutral color space.

You don't need

a lot of accessories to make an impact,

there is beauty in simplicity

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